Saturday, 7 August 2010

My Making Money Online Experiment has Ended!

I ended my experiment last year and the results being you can earn very little spending a lot of time on something that is not satisfying.

I feel I wasted many months but at least I tried and I tried very hard! The good thing that came out of it I decided to pursue a career in something I actually enjoy and very passionate about.

Last October/November I started to experiment with making jewellery and selling them on which worked out well. I found my passion in Vintage Inspired Jewellery and with my success and lovely feedback from customers I decided to make my own website.

Funny enough I am now making money online but with something I enjoy and passionate about. I have had a whirlwind of success with celebrities wearing my jewellery, featured in Vogue and now I am a finalist for The Saleswoman Award at The Mumpreneur Awards 2010!

My advice to anyone wanting to make money online is to do it with something your passionate about and forget about any making money online websites.

If anyone wants to follow my success stories I have another blog which I update with all my latest news. Thanks for reading my blog and wish you all the luck in the world:)

Thursday, 16 July 2009

1st payment from Valuebux - Review and Payment Proof!


My Making Money Online Experiment has been on hold the last couple of months as I worked out that there is no easy way to make loads of money online but I am making some money so I have stuck with the "Paid To Click" that have paid me already and the ones I know will pay and are trusted.

I have been paid by quite a few times since I last blogged and I will be updating my payment proofs. I will start with Valuebux
I received my first payment from Valuebux last month.

Here is the payment proof:

Valuebux is a good paying paid to click site just like Neobux which pays $0.01 per ad viewed.

It is free to join. Quote from website:

"Joining will allow you to earn extra cash just by visiting websites for a period of 30 seconds.

* Earn UP to $0.015 per visit.
* Earn UP to $0.01 per visit for each referral visit.
* Request your payment and receive it within seconds. Get access to detailed
statistics about your account."

I did get paid within seconds! The minimum payout is $5 but they do charge for using Paypal but they also can pay through Alertpay. I do highly recommend Valuebux which has 5 to 6 ads per day which only takes a few minutes a day to earn free money!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

2nd payment from Palmbux with payment proof, review and update

I am still doing my making money online experiment and decided to stick with the paid to click sites as they are so easy to do and can be done while watching telly:)

I received my second payment from Palmbux a week ago and got paid instantly into my Paypal account! It takes me a few minutes a day to click the ads on Palmbux so it is easy to make money. They usually have 4 to 5 ads a day.

Here is my payment proof:

Palmbux is exactly like Neobux except they have lowered their click rates recently. They used to pay 1 cent per ad clicked but now they pay 0.08 cents per ad click which is not much difference. I prefer they lowered their ad rate than the company go bust as I really like Palmbux and highly recommend this paid to click site:)

Thursday, 21 May 2009

1st payment from Mylot with payment proof!

Last week I received a surprise payment from MyLot! I knew I made the $10 payout but I wasn't sure when I would be paid. It is my biggest payment so far from all my making money online sites.

Here is my payment proof:

I highly recommend MyLot as it is an interesting way to make money. There are so many discussion going on about any subject and if there is anything I want to know I go on Mylot and start a discussion asking the question and get paid at the same time! You basically get paid to have your say:)

P.S. I have found another website that is a social network for people who are making money online and you get paid for anything you do! You get $3 for signing up. I will do a review on this site soon. Join here to get your free $3:)